Automatic Mechanical Arms A Revolution of Process

Not long ago, Zhengchida had some new members in the workshop, who brought with higher efficiency and better quality to the products. They are the Automatic Mechanical Arms. 


The automatic machinery development project was started in the early 2019. A team of experienced engineers was set up as a working group for this project. The team took a long time to do the research and study from many machinery manufacturers and machinery exhibitions. The devoted engineers connected the advanced technology with the lawn mower blade manufacture processes, and finally had a great success which brings huge convenience and benefits to the company, In traditional manufacture processes, to make one mower blade, it will use several different machines handled by different workers, like Blanking machine, punching machine, cutting or milling machine, forming machine and so on; but with the help of Automatic Mechanical Arms, all of these processes can be done by one machine at one time.

That is really a revolution. The advancements are obviously:
1.Less time. It shortened several steps to be one simple step. Not only the operation time is shortened, but also the transportation time from one workshop to another.

2.Less labor works. In the old way, it needs 3-4 workers to make one blade, while now only one worker is enough, and all what he has to do, is keeping an eye on the machine to monitor the running.

3.Better quality. Automatic Mechanical works avoid error or deviation that may cause by manual works. It raises the level of accuracy, precision and the efficiency at the mean time.


Automatic Mechanization is the trend of the industry development. Zhengchida will follow the trend, and will bring in or design more advanced technical machines to improve the quality and process control. 

Post time: Oct-13-2020